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Our bodies are comprised of more than 70% water. While we can live for several weeks without food, humans can only last a few days without water. As we move through our days, we lose water through our natural body processes. This needs to be replenished with clean, high-quality water. Our organs, especially our kidneys and liver, require clean water to effectively detoxify our bodies on an ongoing basis.

Having clean and pure drinking water is about more than just taste. While many of us take having access to clean water for granted, the cities in which we live often have chemicals and other toxins added to our water as part of its sanitation process. These contaminants can enter our bodies when we drink unfiltered tap water and can cause many serious health complications.

Smartcare Home Service cares about the quality of that water that you and your family are drinking. Our carbon filtration system can effectively remove many toxins and chemicals from the water in your home.

Benefits of Carbon Filters:

Better taste – Carbon filters can help to remove chlorine and other contaminants. This results in water that tastes and smells better—right from your tap!

Reduce disease—Even “clean” residential water can contain cryptosporidium and giardia, two different kinds of bacteria commonly associated with gastrointestinal disease.

Save money—Having clean water coming straight from your tap means that you’ll no longer have to buy bottled water. This doubles as a benefit for the environment as you reduce plastic bottle consumption.

Eliminate chlorine—Chlorine and its byproducts have linked to rectal, colon and bladder cancer. Carbon filters can remove chlorine and lower your risk of these cancers.

Convenience—Using a water filter provides the convenience of clean filtered water directly from your tap. This impacts the water that you drink, as well as the water you use for cooking, making coffee and tea, etc.
Overall health & well being – Clean filtered water prevents harmful chemicals and substances from entering our bodies.

This is especially important for those with more vulnerable immune systems, such as children.
Did you know there could be up to 2,100 toxins in your residential tap water? Smartcare Home Service wants to protect you and your family by offering carbon filter water treatment. And right now, we’re offering our customers a free reverse osmosis with the purchase of a carbon filter. Take advantage of this fantastic promotion by contacting a Smartcare Home Service representative today.

How do Carbon Filters Work?

Carbon filters are installed and connected to the main supply line in your home. This ensures that the water throughout your home will be cleaned and purified, whether it’s coming from your tap, shower or an appliance. Our top quality granular carbon filtration systems promote more effective and efficient water flow, allowing more water to pass through. As the water passes through the carbon filter, it traps hormones, chemicals, pesticides, drug residues, and herbicides, effectively removing these contaminants from your water.

Protect Your Appliances

Another benefit of our carbon water filtration systems is that they can help to protect the appliances in your home. Without a filtration system, your pipes and appliances are vulnerable to corrosion and mineral build up. This can make your appliances run less efficiently and negatively impact their longevity.


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