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Contact us to learn more about how you can maximize the amount of rebates you receive with your expertise.

HVAC Rebates

There are a number of rebates available to residential homeowners. These rebates can maximize your efficiency savings of your home.

By taking advantage of the rebates offered by your local utility company you can upgrade your existing equipment to a high-efficiency unit.

With the help of a trusted home advisor, we can ensure you maximize your savings and get as many of the available rebates as possible. These cover increased efficiency of your HVAC unit to improving the insulation and upgrading your thermostat to a smart unit.


“How do I get my incentives?

Follow these 4 steps to get your incentive

1) Before starting any renovations, please click here to pre-qualify for the Program and book your pre-audit with one of our Registered Energy Advisors (REA)

A Registered Energy Advisor is an independent third party who will advise you on upgrades and help you make sure you meet the qualifications for the program.

2) Have your Register Energy advisor complete a pre-energy audit

The energy advisor will conduct a basement-to-attic assessment of your home’s current energy use and generate a customized report to explain which upgrades can improve your home’s energy efficiency.

The pre-renovation assessment takes about two to three hours. When you complete the program, you’ll be reimbursed $600 as part of your incentive cheque for the cost of the audits, which covers the full amount; minus the HST on the cost of the pre and post audit.

3) Complete at least TWO of the eligible home energy upgrades

We recommend you get at least three quotes before selecting a reputable contractor for renovations. Have a Technical Standards & Safety Authority (TSSA) registered contractor perform any equipment installations.

4) Contact your Registered Energy Advisor to complete your post-energy audit

Your second assessment will take about one to two hours and must be completed within 120 days of your first assessment. This assessment will show you exactly how much difference your energy efficiency upgrades made. Your advisor will collect and submit all the necessary paperwork to Enbridge Gas. You will get your incentive cheque within 8-10 weeks.


To qualify for the Home Energy Conservation (HEC) program:

The homeowner agrees he/she will not participate in any other gas or building envelope program (s) offered by parties outside of Enbridge Gas Distribution Inc., between the Initial Audit and the Final Audit.

  1. The homeowner confirms he/she has not applied for, nor will apply in the future for, rebates/ incentives from other energy efficiency/conservation programs (including GreenON) for the same qualifying energy efficiency improvements for which the homeowner is eligible to receive incentives through the HEC Program.”


Maximize Your Rebates

You can receive up to $5,000 in rebates for increasing the energy efficiency of your home. This can have a dramatic impact on the cost of upgrading your system, as well as both the efficiency of your HVAC system and the over-all efficiency of your home. 

Available Rebates:

Enbridge Nest Rebate - $100 Bill Credit

Eligible on the installation of any Nest smart-home thermostats. 

IESO Furnace Rebate - $250 Cash Rebate

Eligible on upgrading your furnace from a low efficiency unit to 96% efficiency or higher.

You can learn more information about this rebate here at

IESO Air Conditioner Rebate - $400 Cash Rebate

This rebate is eligible for air conditioner upgrades from a low efficiency unit to a 14 SEER or higher unit.

If you would like to learn more about this incentive, view

Enbridge Home Energy Conservation Rebate - Up To $2,00 Cash

This rebate is eligible for homeowners to upgrade two or more HVAC appliances in their home.

Union Gas Home Reno Rebate - Up To $5,000

Eligible when completing at least two HVAC upgrades to your home from a low efficiency unit to a high efficiency unit.

Learn more at

Learn More About Home Efficiency Rebates

If you fall under Enbridge Union Gas’ jurisdiction, view for more information on their home energy efficiency rebate program. 

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We offer you a consultation to discuss our process for installing your furnace. You are encouraged to contact us if you have questions about our process for installing your furnace.

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We’re upfront with our pricing and give homeowners the most competitive pricing. We save homeowners money on their HVAC and water treatment systems.


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We identify the best prices, plans and equipment to suit your home’s unique heating, cooling and water treatment needs. Every home and homeowner is different and we strive to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction.

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We focus on only installing the highest efficiency air conditioners, furnaces, and water heaters. We do our part to positively impact the environment and improve homeowner’s efficiency.

“I received excellent customer service Smartcare Home Services yesterday. They guided me through the furnace selection process with ease, helped me to get a furnace right away in my no heat emergency situation. I am looking forward to having my furnace installed today. I would highly recommend energywise for your future business.”


A Smartcare Home Services Customer

“I had an old furnace and called multiple technicians to repair it. Finally I had enough and decided to replace it as my bills were too high every month. Anthony came by and had a look and explained I could get a new furnace with no upfront cost that would reduce my bill. Super helpful and friendly service. They came and installed it the next day.”


A Smartcare Home Services Customer


We install the highest energy-efficient furnaces on the market with a minimum efficiency rating of 95% or higher. We install a range of furnace sizes to account for any home size.


We install only energy-efficient air conditioners for homeowners. We carry only the top energy efficient brands to keep you cool during those hot summer months.

water treatment

Enjoy the benefits of drinking filtered water with a water treatment system. The quality of a water is superior, more economical and environmentally sustainable than bottled water.

water heaters

We have a variety of water heaters to suit your home’s needs. We carry energy efficient tankless water heaters, boilers and water heaters to ensure you have hot water, when you need it.



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You Can Get  Up To $5,000 In HVAC Rebates

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