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Contact us to learn more about how you can save by getting your tankless water heater installed with Smartcare Home Services.


We install the highest energy-efficient furnaces on the market with a minimum efficiency rating of 95% or higher. We install a range of furnace sizes to account for any home size.


We install only energy-efficient air conditioners for homeowners. We carry only the top energy efficient brands to keep you cool during those hot summer months.

water treatment

Enjoy the benefits of drinking filtered water with a water treatment system. The quality of a water is superior, more economical and environmentally sustainable than bottled water.

water heaters

We have a variety of water heaters to suit your home’s needs. We carry energy efficient tankless water heaters, boilers and water heaters to ensure you have hot water, when you need it.

Tankless Water Heater Installation Service In The Greater Toronto Area

A tankless water heater system is an appliance that is connected to your main water line. It quickly heats water before being distributed throughout your home.

As it is pulling the water through it heats it almost instantly to just the right temperature. This heating effect is instantaneous enough that it doesn’t have to rely on pre-heating water.

The end result is that you will have hot water, on demand.

You should rely on Smart Care Home Services to install your tankless hot water system. We deliver efficient and affordable services.

No matter what type of service we deliver, we always deliver the most efficient services possible. At Smart Care Home Services, we have a reputation to uphold and this requires us to provide our customers with the quality of service they want and deserve.

Making sure you are happy with what we have done for you is also our top priority. The last thing we want to find out is that you were not happy with the services we offered to you. We are the premier tankless water heater service provider. We offer the most effective tankless hot water systems on the market.

They are built with the best quality of materials that help prevent leaking, making it possible for you to continue use for a long time. The system is installed in your utility room, so it doesn’t impact your home in any visible way.

You receive hot water the moment it comes out of your tap. You don’t have to worry about your water taking a long time to heat up, as the systems are incredibly speedy and efficient.

Buy our tankless hot water systems and you will receive: rebates, a manufacturer’s warranty, speedy, expert installation and professional service.

Why Get A Tankless Water Heater

A primary reason our customers choose to go with a tankless hot water system is efficiency. Because you only heat the water you need, when you need it, you save money and reduce emissions with a tankless.

Not having a tank means you don’t need to maintain the temperature constantly.

For example, overnight a traditional tank system would require gas to remain hot, even though you’re not using it.

Who doesn’t like saving money while also doing something important for the environment?

“I received excellent customer service Smartcare Home Services yesterday. They guided me through the furnace selection process with ease, helped me to get a furnace right away in my no heat emergency situation. I am looking forward to having my furnace installed today. I would highly recommend energywise for your future business.”


A Smartcare Home Services Customer

“I had an old furnace and called multiple technicians to repair it. Finally I had enough and decided to replace it as my bills were too high every month. Anthony came by and had a look and explained I could get a new furnace with no upfront cost that would reduce my bill. Super helpful and friendly service. They came and installed it the next day.”


A Smartcare Home Services Customer

The Benefits of Going Tankless

Why are tankless hot water heaters important?

Making your home energy efficient is important to us. This is why we offer products that will enable us to do this. No matter what your budget is, you will be able to afford one of our systems.

We make it possible for homeowners to get a tankless hot water heater to enable them to keep their household efficient. Get what you pay for when you purchase your tankless with us

We stand by the quality of our products and offer our customers our service guarantee. You are sure to get what you pay for when you rely on us for your water heater needs at Smartcare Home Services.

Our Tankless Water Heater Technicians

Smart Care Home Services Technicians

Our service technicians are the most efficient in the area.

They bring years of industry knowledge and apply their knowledge when servicing our customers.

If you want to be sure that you’ll receive your money’s worth, you have certainly arrived at the right service provider, Smart Care Home Services.

Our service professionals will get to the bottom of your problem and find a resolution that will prove most effective.

No one wants to waste his or her money on home services. You will not waste a dime on the services that are provided to you by our service technicians at Smart Care Home Services.

Call Us To Get Your Tankless Water Heater Today

With our tankless hot water heater installations you are getting the latest technology, reliability and efficiency

We install only the best tankless systems on the market with the highest efficiency ratings using York, Lenox and Goodman equipment.

We have a competitive warranty package for all installations which covers your equipment for parts, service and labor for up to 10 years.

Call us to learn more about our warranty and get peace of mind for your home.

Take advantage of the rebates being offered from Enbridge, Union Gas and IESO. Our Home Comfort Advisors will fill out the paper work and will arrange the audit, insuring you get the most for the purchase of your tankless water heater.

Install a new hot water tank for your home and get an energy-efficient system. With a new top-of-the-line water heater, you can get rapid hot water to all of your appliances without waiting on an old tank to heat up.

We install only the best, most efficient water heaters on the market. Interested in a tankless water heater?

We install only high-efficiency tankless systems from top brands. We’re so confident in our water heater installations and equipment that we offer a ten year warranty on our water heaters.

Not only will you get great Water Heater or Tankless System, with the service to match, but with Smart Care Home Services, you also get a great price!

Our trained Home Comfort Advisors will identify your needs and help you purchase a Water Heating system without breaking the bank.

Regardless if you purchase your Water Heater outright or if you chose one of our rent-to-own programs, Smart Care Home Services offers options for every budget.

Take advantage of the rebates being offered from Union Gas. Our Home Comfort Advisors will fill out the paper work and will arrange the audit, insuring you get the most for the purchase of your water heater.

Call us today for a free, no-hassle consultation.



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