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Contact us to learn more about how you can save by getting your water heater  installed with Smartcare Home Services.


We install the highest energy-efficient furnaces on the market with a minimum efficiency rating of 95% or higher. We install a range of furnace sizes to account for any home size.


We install only energy-efficient air conditioners for homeowners. We carry only the top energy efficient brands to keep you cool during those hot summer months.

water treatment

Enjoy the benefits of drinking filtered water with a water treatment system. The quality of a water is superior, more economical and environmentally sustainable than bottled water.

water heaters

We have a variety of water heaters to suit your home’s needs. We carry energy efficient tankless water heaters, boilers and water heaters to ensure you have hot water, when you need it.

Water Heater Installation Service In The Greater Toronto Area

Water heaters are necessary to provide hot water to your home. This is why having an energy-efficient, properly installed water heater.

Water heaters are one of the most important appliances in your home, however very rarely do homeowners think of them.

Water heaters can have one of the biggest impacts on your monthly utility bill. If you have an old upgrade, you should consider how much money you will save by installing a highly efficient water heater.

Water Heater Installation Process In The Greater Toronto Area

Installing a new water heater will increase your home’s efficiency. We take the time to inspect your existing equipment and then install your water heater in one day.

Our qualified service technicians will take care of all the details for you, with no inconvenience to your family. We have a leave-no-trace guarantee for all of our customers.

At Smart Care Home Services, we know how to provide our customers with good, safe drinking water. If you’re committed to keeping your loved ones safe from potential harm, we suggest you allow us to install our water heater system for you.

“I received excellent customer service Smartcare Home Services yesterday. They guided me through the furnace selection process with ease, helped me to get a furnace right away in my no heat emergency situation. I am looking forward to having my furnace installed today. I would highly recommend energywise for your future business.”


A Smartcare Home Services Customer

“I had an old furnace and called multiple technicians to repair it. Finally I had enough and decided to replace it as my bills were too high every month. Anthony came by and had a look and explained I could get a new furnace with no upfront cost that would reduce my bill. Super helpful and friendly service. They came and installed it the next day.”


A Smartcare Home Services Customer

The Importance Of Hiring A Water Heater Expert

This is a rather simple process. All that our service technician needs to do is visit your home to assess your existing water heater and surrounding area. This makes it possible for the technician to assess the best, most efficient water heater for your home.

With one of our energy efficient water heaters, you will receive an effective and safe way to receive water. 

Our team of associates will help you protect your home and family by assisting you with your selection.

They will find a system that proves most beneficial for your household needs. Along with the installation of your water heater system, our service technicians can also handle the maintenance of the system they install. Start benefiting from cleaner, safer and hotter water today.

Water Heater Efficiency In The Greater Toronto Area

Smart Care Home Services offers the most efficient and reliable services in HVAC. This is why our services are often preferred to our competitors. We take our time to really understand the needs of those in our area.

When you continue to request the same services time and time again, we realize just how important it is to offer certain services. The services that we offer are chosen based on the demand and what will be of the most benefit to our customers.

We offer affordable pricing to ensure that everyone can benefit from the services that we offer. No matter what your budget is or the work that you need to be performed, you are sure to be able to receive it from Smart Care Home Services.

We use the best manufacturer brands in the HVAC and Water Treatment services industry. Getting our customers the best services possible is our top priority. Our service technicians prove this every chance they receive. You don’t have to worry about whether or not the job will be performed to your satisfaction because we assure you that it will. With our inspection process, we double-check the work that has been offered to you to ensure that it is the best quality of service offered.

Our Water Heater Technicians In The Greater Toronto Area

Our service technicians are the best and most well-trained in the area. We are proud of the work offered to you by our talented team of HVAC service technicians.

No matter what they are doing, they perform their job to the best of their ability.

We have a team of trustworthy, committed service professionals at Smartcare Home Services.

Let us show you what we have to offer to you. If you want better tasting water and safer water to drink, allow our service technician to provide it to you.


Nothing spells satisfaction more than ‘service guarantee’. When you are offered a service guarantee it means that the person offering the services are confident in what they have to offer.

This is definitely true when you receive services from Smartcare Home Services. We have the best team of service technicians working with our customers.

They have years of service experience and do their best to make sure every customer they serve is happy with the end results. They are the reason that so many people rely on us for their HVAC and Water treatment service needs.

DIY projects are fun and can often save you money, however, there are some things that are better left to the experts. In the case of adding the proper filtration to your system, this should certainly be handled by a qualified, trained professional to achieve maximum efficiency.

We proudly stand by our work and offer you our service guarantee at Smartcare Home Services.

Have Energy Efficient Hot Water On Demand

One of the many ways that Smart Care Home Services is able to help keep your water hot is by installing an energy-efficient, fast heating water heater. This system is designed to provide your home with hot water on demand.

Water is something that we simply cannot live without. Therefore, it is important that we drink the cleanest, most efficient hot water possible.

Allow our service technicians at Smartcare Home Services to install a water heater for you and your home today.



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